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Wesco Elly Cool Grey matt ELLY
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Faltreflektor Ø107cm (Faltreflektor)
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The reflector with a silver coating is very well-suited as an effect light in portrait and product photography. Due to its hard and cool light characteristic it places incomparable light accents. The white side of the reflector finds its place as a main or high light in portrait and product photography. It creates a soft and color neutral light characteristic. Due to their shape, round reflectors are perfectly suited for both portrait and product photography. Whether as a high light or effect light, these reflectors are always the first choice. The foldable reflector is excellent quality. Its canvassed, extra-strong spring ring guarantees smooth and wrinkle-free reflection surfaces. Used as a background, the time spent on post-production is therefore reduced. The fabric carrying bag protects the reflector from dirt. The reflector can be folded to a very small transport size and can therefore be taken anywhere.

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